The truth seeker, the truth knower and the cessation of the truth

I want to cite the three types of individuals. The first type is the one who is seeking for the truth; the second type is the one who now dwells in the truth and hold on to his truth; and the third type is the one who knows the truth but not dwelling in the truth and is in a complete cessation of all thinking about the truth. The third one I  praise the worthy one to practise.

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Who Meditates?

If you have not shed tears during your meditation you are no where close to the  compassionate love experience. Compassion opens the door to all possibilities. However, if you think you are practicing the Buddhist meditation to attain your potentials, you are dead wrong. There should not be an ego issue here. 

The Boddhisatvic compassion

The snow is falling on Timpanogos mountains. You feel like living in a cloudy fish bowl. The air is full of anticipation of a big snow storm. Except for the few daring birds that are scouting the mountain slopes for food, the air is quiet and serene. Suddenly, I feel a warm thrust in my veins. Then I am thinking of the world outside my fish bowl. I see crowded intersections, crossroads with people, and line of cars, waiting to head for their destination. Whoever it be the destination, they have come to the crossroad briefly then going their separate ways. I have seen the frugality and the short-lived nature of acquaintances. Some of them have long gone. Life cycle continues as usual as it has in incalculable eons in time and space. Suddenly, I realize that each one of us is living in a fishbowl looking out at the next fish bowl. But why are we not feeling desperate and isolated? Is it true that our imagination can live beyond the glass bowl?  

Isolation or solace

Question: Would you say that practicing Buddhism in Utah provides you with an exceptional opportunity to be isolated and work on your meditation or is it more lonely than it needs o be?
Answer: If I had chosen isolation, why practise Buddhism? Should I feel lonely, why are there so many Buddhas in the universe?

Non attachment of self

Question: In relation to cessation of ego, at what point can one recognise the giving of a gift to be a lesson in non-attachment of self rather than a desire to seek recognition for the satisfaction of ego?
Answer: I submit that the seer (or the learner) is the one who has to transform oneself into the non-attachment of self to discover the truth and that the object of contemplation is itself neutral in its existence vis-as-vis the contemplating subject.

Dharma clouds over Timpanogos mountains

Snow is falling over the mountain peaks and valleys. It feels bristly cold. The sun is making its ways above and through the thick clouds.
When was the last time I talked about the impermanence of existence. At least we have to start with something as controversial as the notion of impermanence in Buddhism. But surprisingly you do not feel the change within. Are you the same person 20 years ago? Are you the same person 3 days ago?